Is Wearing Underwear on Your Face the Next Big Thing?

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This is a trailer for underwear-faced "superhero" Hentai Kamen, or "pervert mask", who is a parody of certain Japanese films. Along with the release of the trailer, comes a book of ladies posing with underwear on their faces. This is some final frontier shit. What's next? Fishnets rolled in a ball, covered in chocolate, and stuck in your ear? That's probably already a thing. (A very sexy thing!)

According to Rocket News, "whether this is a fetish that has existed for some time or whether the movie has spurred it, however, on is anyone's guess."

What's the word, is this a thing? Or is this the NEXT big thing? Or is this just funny (?) promo thing that some American blogger is blowing up because "OMG JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!"?


However, let's be clear: A joke fetish to some is a very real fetish to others, and you know there are plenty of people who are into this. It'd be nice if they had a few dudes in boxers or boxer briefs. Something for the rest of us, ya know?

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Pssht. They're copying that underwear-on-their-head superhero idea.