Gay! Gay! Gay! The lady talk shows were much more flamboyant this week, and I don't mean because Tyra wore a feathered headdress (which she did, in fact, do) or because Susan Lucci went on The View in a nightie and a trench coat. No, this time the gayness wasn't just implied, it was specified. Oprah interviewed gay transgendered people (as in, a man turned into a woman and became lesbian), The View ladies debated about whether or not homosexuality is a choice, and Tyra, well, you know how she do โ€” but she also had an entire episode about genetic indicators of sexual preference. Oh, and Bill Cosby showed up on Oprah to discuss the plight of low-income African Americans, but it was kinda hard to take him seriously, because he was wearing sunglasses the whole time, due to a bout of pink eye. The clip is above, and after the jump, so much more.

You know what makes me gay (as in "happy")? Elisabeth Hasselbeck is taking an early maternity leave starting on Tuesday the 23rd! And she's not coming back until after hiatus. You know, it's not that I mind that she's a Republican, it's just that she's unwaveringly so. When she talks about banning abortion or public policy or welfare, it's clear that she's unable to step outside of herself and imagine what life could be like for people who weren't raised in the same circumstances as she. Who knows? Maybe I'll miss cursing at my TV. But right now, I'm looking forward to the guest co-hosts that will be filling her spot. May I make the first suggestion?


So in case we forget how sucky she is after she leaves, here it is:

Top 5 Favorite Detestable Quotes From Elisabeth Hasselbeck

1. "I think the only thing that helps me is that I really enjoy people. I love them."


2. "People get abortions for superficial reasons."

3. "Mitt Romney looks like he could be on a penny."

4. "Being a conservative mother isn't the challenge. Being a conservative in New York City on television is the challenge."


5. "You know when we were in Australia for Survivor, we had, I was supposed to fill out my absentee ballot. For the election. That was the controversial Gore/Bush, the whole Florida fiasco. Um, and I . . . I didn't. I was, like, too busy. And I think it was Nick Brown who was out there with me, said, you know, 'You didn't fill out your absentee ballot? Like, how do you not fill out your absentee ballot?' And then I realized what I had missed out on. So I really started a, an investigation, like why I was such an idiot as to not fill that out and partake in something that, you know, the women in Iraq just got a chance to do for the first time. You know, why? Why wouldn't I take advantage of a right that's granted to me? That wasn't always there? And I kind of recommitted to, um, reading as much as I could and learning as much as I could about, um, politics."