Is Toxic Chicken Causing Your UTIs?

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All this time, you thought the painful curse of a urinary tract infection was simply your body punishing you for having too much of that slutty sex the Republicans keep talking about. Well, guess what? It might actually be the chicken you're eating that's really to blame. The CDC has found that most of the UTIs in the U.S. (about 85 percent of them) are caused by the E. coli bacteria. They used to think that this E. coli came from our own G.I. tracts, not the environment around us, but now it's looking like that isn't actually the case.

The CDC analyzed the genomes of E. coli found in women who had UTIs, and they discovered that the strains of bacteria they were looking at matched the strains found in chicken. (It's the kind of bacteria that would come from inside the chicken, not that would be introduced during the slaughtering or food preparation process.) So you might be able to blame your excruciating urination and leg-shaking bladder pain on the damn poultry in your life. If this makes you mad enough at those little cluckers that you decide to cut them out of your diet altogether, you'll probably still want to pee right after sex and load up on cranberry juice, etc. if you're a frequent UTI-getter, since there are plenty of other ways E. coli can end up in your poor bladder.

Is Contaminated Chicken to Blame for Millions of UTIs? [The Atlantic]

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Do people really eat this much undercooked chicken? I really wonder if it is chicken, or the ton of completely uncooked vegetables we eat. I don't know anyone that eats chicken rare, but at the same time I know lots of people who are lazy about cleaning their produce.