Is This Waiting to Exhale Sequel Ever Coming Out or What?

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A Waiting to Exhale sequel has been rumored for years, but with Whitney Houston’s passing it seemed like the idea was bound to go with her. Blessing: One of the original film’s leads, Loretta Devine, confirmed that this sequel is (maybe) still coming.

In an interview with Hollywood Today Live, Devine (who’s currently starring in The Carmichael Show) told the hosts that a sequel remains in the works, despite the absence of two important characters, Whitney Houston and Gregory Hines.

“They’re still writing on it, for all we know,” says Devine of the script. “Everything happened so quick because Gregory passed and then Whitney passed, and it’s like, you can’t start a movie with two funerals. They were, like, the key characters, and so everything just sort of got scattered after that. But I think Terry McMillan is still trying to make it happen.”

Devine adds, “Everyone would be on board. Whitney was even like, the last time I talked to her, she was like, ‘Oh God, I can’t wait. I’m going to get myself together to do this,’ and it just didn’t happen.”


Asked who could replace Houston in the role of Savannah or a similar role, Devine says, “Oh, they have so much new young, great talent, so it would be limitless girls that could do it.”

Previously, in 2013, Angela Bassett mentioned the sequel called, yikes, Getting to Happy; back then, too, it was still in the process of being written. “They’re still writing. One of our original producers, from the first Exhale, is on board,” she told Huffington Post. So that’s a good sign, but they’re still working on the script. It’s just how to deal with [Whitney’s loss].”

Terry McMillan, who wrote the novel the movie is based on, was less optimistic a year later, telling Sister 2 Sister mag, “There have been two or three drafts, but it just wasn’t working...I think it’s kinda dead in the water.”

Waiting to Exhale celebrated its 20th anniversary in December. If this currently phantom sequel can match the greatness of Best Man Holiday—which came out a whole 14 years after the original and turned out well—we’ll all be lucky.


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They could just scrap the movie and do a sequel to the soundtrack and I’d be happy. One of the best soundtracks everrrrr.