Is This the Dumbest OKCupid Pick Up Strategy Yet? Or Is It the Dumbest?

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Here's what you should do if you accidentally rate someone's looks five stars when you didn't mean to: Anything but this. Literally, anything. Pouring Iodine all over your body and taking an ice bath is better, and that's just the first thing that came to mind. What are you doing, dude? What are you doing?


If you're not familiar with OKCupid's rating system, here's what you need to know: People rate each other out of five stars (based on looks and personality) and if both people rate each other a four or five, you get an email letting you know someone thinks you're hot. Whatever you do after is up to you. You can say hello, you can send a dick pic, you can do nothing, just bask in the warm feeling that comes when you know that someone you've found attractive also thinks you're attractive based on a picture they've seen of you. (I like to do the latter because all of my pictures are 10 years out of date and it's a nice esteem boost.) But you don't ever have to explain yourself, and that's the best part!

One very smart gentleman from Montreal, however, seems to have picked up on a new and exciting way to use this rating system to neg potential matches. He "accidentally" rates them a 4 or 5 and then lets them know it was an accident and that he's so, so sorry. The second sorry, I presume, is to make it clear that oh my god, he wouldn't have ever done it on purpose. Not even as a dare. SO, SO SORRY.

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Look, I know some people might say this was a legitimate accident. But if it was, why even say anything? I could see that happening if the other person started the conversation (and yet, even then there are better ways to say no) (you could just ignore someone!), but why go through the trouble of pointing out the mistake, apologizing, and saying that the person they rated was just a hideous monsterface from the planet Monsterfaces Are Awful and You Are One, Sorry. No rational human being would do that.Unless they were trying to insult someone into submission.

Nice try, dude. Sorry it didn't work. Please enjoy some consolation poutine and also maple syrup candy, which you cannot get here in California and I cannot bring myself to order online.

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My favorite neg ever:

Him: Zelda!
Me (dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda): Link!
Him: Huh?
Me: I'm dressed as Link. Zelda is the princess.
Him: Whatever. I know way more about video games than you.

God, remembering that never gets old. The joy still flows like a fountain every time.