'Is This Feminist?' Blog Hilariously Declares Everything Problematic

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Trigger warning, guys: there's a new blog in town to remind you how everything you're doing is not feminist enough. In fact, I hate to say it, you're problematic. You're every kind of -ist imaginable — colorist, ageist, sexist, racist. Maybe even a rapist. How do I know? Is This Feminist? says.


The hilarious tumblr pokes fun of that feeling you got on the first day of your first ever Women's Studies class, that feeling that you've been blithely living your entire life to this point like some sort of out-of-touch misogynist barging around accidentally reinforcing the patriarchy. You're not only part of the problem, you are the problem. Can you hear the cry of the girl children? Well, can you?!

Among the items and actions that Is This Feminist? declares PROBLEMATIC (which is much funnier in all-caps): female scientists ("This woman is adopting and reinforcing a masculine-supremacist view of intelligence which encourages women to rely on externally defined "facts" and academic credentials, rather than heeding their own inner wisdom. A true feminist simply knows the cure for Alzheimer's disease, possibly because it's yoga"), dancing in clubs, ("What is she dancing to? Are the lyrics sexist? Does this sexy tune exclude the experiences of asexuals? Dancing to Le Tigre may not be enough. One of them is married to a guy who used to have sexist lyrics in his music, which makes their beats triggering for some"), and women acting in plays ("Is she playing a character who is strong and flawless, so as not to allow for any sexist interpretations about the worthiness of all women, but also human and relatable? Until such a role is written, the best way to avoid sexism is not have female roles at all"), among other things.

Is This Feminist is truly an important contribution to the world of the internet; however, the internet is riddled with porn that reinforces oppressive and ultimately unobtainable standards of Western European beauty. The blog's existence on the same forum as a film genre that so glorifies joyless jackhammering and feigned lesbianism is indicative of a commitment to feminism that's shallow, at best. PROBLEMATIC.

[Is This Feminist?]


Okay so this is pretty fucking hilarious.

The sad part is that, as funny as this is, it basically implies that that one can take feminist deconstruction and analysis too far—which I agree with (you can take any kind of deconstruction too far imho). The problem is, of course, that there's no clearly defined, universally agreed upon line in the sand that denotes when feminism (or any -ism) goes from reasonable and conscientious rhetoric, to unreasonable gender fascism.

I'm convinced this blog will inevitably offend *someone*, assuming it hasn't already. People who don't agree with the person offended by the material will either say the offended party is being unreasonable by taking offense (which will sadly mirror the arguments made by the purveyors of sexist/racist/whatever-ist humor whenever they're confronted with the discriminatory nature of their work), OR they'll apologize to the offended party and stop making those jokes and producing that humor—then no more funny.

Ultimately though, I'm glad this exists because it really does make me laugh, and because it's made an (ostensibly) feminist woman, I don't have to feel guilty about laughing at this—like it comes with a sense of "it's okay to laugh at this—you're not hurting anyone by doing so" built into it.

[DISCLAIMER: if my views on this blog have offended anyone, I retract all my previous positive statements and stand with the marginalized, non-privileged offended "others" in a show of solidarity—don't let anyone tell you don't matter, hypothetical humorless people.]

Edit: I just saw the blog is made by a man—or at least authored/designed by one. I don't know if I can continue to enjoy this guilt-free until I know for sure where the content is coming from, and whether the author is being satirical from a privileged or non-privileged standpoint. Damn it all to Hell!