Rihanna's Slow Loris Selfie Leads to Arrest of Exotic Animal Sellers

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It was really just a matter of time before Rihanna's notorious Instagram account helped police solve an international crime, wasn't it? There's always so much going on in her pictures, from giant spliff-lighting to exotic-animal caressing — eventually, one of those Instagrams was going to reveal, Blow-Up-style, a dead body waaaaaay in the background, or, as was the case on Friday, a slow loris waaaaay in the foreground.

On Friday, during a break from her Diamond World Tour, Rihanna visited Thailand and posted a picture of a wide-eyed, adorable, and totally endangered slow loris perched on her shoulder, with the caption, "Look who was talkin dirty to me! #Thailand #nightlife" The internet got justifiably angry with the pop star, reminding her that slow lorises are a protected species and that posing for casual photos with the tiny primates only contributes to exotic animal trade. However, the picture went beyond aimless internet rage. After being alerted to Rihanna's slow loris selfie, authorities on the Thai island of Phuket arrested two men on charges of possession of protected animals. The men had two slow lorises with them, and could face up to four years in prison. #irresponsiblecelebrities [AP via Yahoo]

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Is there any reason to think she knew it was an endangered species? I definitely didn't. If someone handed me a cute and non lethal animal I would probably cuddle it before asking its relative position in the animal kingdom

My love of the Fast and Furious movies burns bright and I am unashamed.