Cold and flu season is coming, and to be honest, I am dreading it. Last winter, I got strep throat for the first time in my life, and I wanted to die. The fever and sensitivity to light were awful. And while I've had bad tonsils ever since I was a kid, I've never not been able to swallow anything for so many days in a row, and it was horrifying. Anyway, I'm thinking about getting a flu shot this year, just to boost my immunity. (I've never gotten one before.) Yesterday, CNN had a story called "How Some Women Never Get Sick," with five "tips" on how to avoid coming down with a cold. Some of them you've heard before: Wash your hands often, take a double shot of vitamin C and zinc at the first sign of sniffles, eat more garlic, "stay positive." But there were two I'd never heard of. For instance:"Get A Massage." Sounds too good to be true. But according to the article, "Studies show that massage can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate — and lowering these is likely to cause your stress level to drop, one key to building immunity." Well, shoot. Massage it is! You don't have to tell me twice. The second "tip" I never heard: "Take A Cold Shower." Apparently Gwendolyn Witherspoon, 54, of Baltimore, took one once in a power outage. "I felt great afterward," she says. Now she does it all the time and she's cold-free with glowing skin. There's no scientific proof to support her theory, but CNN speaks to Dr. Mary Ann Bauman, who says there's no harm in trying it. You're supposed to keep it short and do 10 minute cold showers in the summer. In the winter, just have a 1-minute blast of cold at the end of a warm shower. Anyway, some people just don't get sick; then other people — like me — always get extremely ill when the cold weather rolls around. Besides trusty echinacea and Airborne, does anyone have any immunity-boosting tips? I'm listening! How Some Women Never Get Sick [CNN]