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Is There A New S.C.U.M. In Town, Going After Chris Brown?

Illustration for article titled Is There A New S.C.U.M. In Town, Going After Chris Brown?

Singer Chris Brown's life has been threatened by a group calling itself the Women's Protection Action League. But police are wondering if WPAL is just a modern-day version of Warhol shooter Valerie Solanas's S.C.U.M.


Brown, who has taken to moving around with 3 visible bodyguards and 3-4 less visible security agents, had received multiple threats from the group, according to police.

According to the source, Brown's threats have been coming from a ‘‘group'' (though authorities think it could easily be just a single person) calling itself the ‘‘Women's Protection Action League.''

The alleged threats, I'm told, are completely tied to the charges the entertainer badly beat Rhianna on Grammy Awards weekend earlier this year.


With Google and Nexis searches turning up no information on any group going by the name "Women's Protection Action League," we decided on the basis of almost nothing that these threats were coming from a female acolyte of Rihanna... and Valerie Solanas.

For those who are unfamiliar with her, in 1967, Ms. Solanas authored the notorious S.C.U.M. manifesto, in which she argued for the elimination of men as the only way to end the patriarchy. Upset with her treatment at the hands of Andy Warhol after he accepted and then lost the manuscript of her play, Solanas shot him 3 times, nearly killing him. Solanas had, for a time, been part of Warhol's circle and even appeared in one of his movies.

By that logic, Brown's threats might be coming from a mentally ill, female member of his extended entourage who is pretty fucking pissed at him about beating up Rihanna and generally isn't a fan of men. While his security detail is suspicious that the threat-maker might pose as a paparazzo, he might want to be just a little careful of the women he surrounds himself with.

And, hey, if that means Brown stops hanging around with women, well, it's a win-win situation.


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