Is The Publishing Industry Neglecting Male Readers?

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"[Publishers] told us guys don't read, would never read any kind of anthology, and most certainly wouldn't read an anthology about men. Apparently we are all mindless fools." — Tom Matlack, editor of an anthology about manhood [HuffPo, via Mediabistro]


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When it comes to fiction, there are some good writers who write stories involving male characters outside of being someone's romantic interest—(Side note: I will never, ever understand how Elizabeth fell for Darcy. His character's actions was the first execution of the neg in literature. I swear Mystery picked up his tricks from Pride & Prejudice.).

But topic, yes. There's Johnathan Tropper. David Eggers. etc., etc.

I do think there's a dearth of good serial children's books for boys. When I was a kid, I blew through the boxcar children series Hardy Boys and other books with boy characters pretty quickly (I read a ton). I actually resorted to reading the Babysitter's Club because I could count on there being a new book every month or so. Hopefully things are better (in terms of publishing serial books) in the industry.