is the new term being bandied about for those moms that talk to their daughters nineteen times a day, i.e. Jennifer's mom. (Thanks for all the good stuff from TimesSelect, by the way, Mrs. Gerson!) A full post is forthcoming on this but all I can say is the mom who says: "I wish we could afford a two-family house together" of her fully grown daughter is, uh, a better (?) woman than us. [New York Times]


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I adore my mom, and she's wonderful, but we talk once a week if nothing else is going on. My parents were big believers in independence, plus there were four of us, and my grandfather and sister live with them now. They don't need me to need them any more than I do. My husband's parents call more often, but she's very critical of me, and if she expected me to call several times a day, I'd run away and change my name.

I don't know that the number of phone calls is indicative of the relationship, though. My best friend fields ten or so calls from her mother and sister every day, and the three of them have the most dysfunctional relationship in history. She's marrying soon, and I feel bad for her fiance, getting all three of them into the deal.