Every Midweek Bonnie Fuller writes a column for the Huffington Post about ha ha ha, celebrities are such dysfunctional and amoral people, and how great it is for momanity that celebrities are such bad mothers so we don't have to feel guilty etc. etc. And every week the thing is so offensive — Bonnie Fuller, so you know, veritably invented celebrity tabloids and if I had any power I'd see that she was tried at the Hague for the ritual slaughter of sextillions of American brain cells — that we feel compelled to actually send it hits. But today's column is different. Clearly rushed to press and free of Bonnie's typical cross-promotional links to the results of online polls in Star, it seems that Lynne Spears' probable sale of the story of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy to OK! has touched a nerve with Bonnie Fuller.

Lynne Spears, what were you thinking? Or not thinking and not doing? Did you never sit down with either of your daughters—Britney, now just turned 26, and the divorced mother of two toddlers or Jamie Lynn, 16 and now three months pregnant—and give them The Talk?

Um, maybe it just didn't stick?

And what kind of mother upon hearing the news that her 16-year-old daughter is knocked up, reacts by picking up the phone and negotiating to get her daughter's photo plastered on the cover of a magazine with a tell-all interview by the daughter and herself inside?


Um, maybe a mom just trying to get a piece of the world you created, Bonnie?

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