Is Susie Essman onto something? The Curb Your Enthusiasm actress has told Animal Fair magazine: "You want a guy that's good in bed? Find a guy with a Shih Tzu or a Pomeranian or a little Yorkie. Because if he's secure enough in his sexuality to carry around a fru-fru little dog like that, that is a guy who's a keeper. Never go out with a guy with a beagle. I know they're cute, cute, cute, but they're dumb, dumb, dumb, and they have no attention span, so you're with the guy and he might not know what to do - the next night, you have to tell him all over again." [Page Six]

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Beagles are dumb?

I think its total bullshit to judge a person by the type of dog they have...unless someone fucking paints their dog's toenails or puts an excess of bows in its hair, who the hell cares?

That sentiment is in part toblame for the "designer dog" phenom, according to the NY Times Magazine article on it...hubby wants manly dog, wife wants poodle = goldendoodle = asshole couple who should have adopted and apparently thinks dogs are accessories.

I'm all for shopping around for a breed—I admit I would love a purebred retriever of some sort or an Australian shepherd—but I can't believe real people could be that shallow and stupid. Who cares?