Page Six is reporting on a rumor that Rachel Zoe's clothing line is not doing so well with customers โ€” and that her Bravo show may not be renewed for a fifth season.

That last part is not much of a surprise: the show has been on hiatus since the fourth season finished airing last year and various sources have reported that it may or may not come back, or may come back in some kind of new format. In March, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the stylist was in talks with Bravo about "a new and freshened-up concept for a fifth season." But the network's upfront, where it traditionally makes announcements about new shows and renewals, came and went with no news of The Rachel Zoe Project.

As for the clothing line? The Post writes that "Rachel Zoe's clothing empire might soon be in shreds."

[D]espite the large promotional platform of her Bravo show, we hear the line isn't doing well at stores including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom, with industry insiders snipping that interest in the line has "peaked." We hear [Zoe's retail partner] Li & Fung "is panicked" about Zoe's collection.


Presumably those sources meant "sniping;" a true fashion industry insider would know that snipping is something one does with scissors.

Back in February, Zoe's clothing line partner โ€” the Hong Kong-based sourcing giant Li & Fung โ€” said the line has "exceeded expectations." And the Rachel Zoe brand has been expanding into new categories, including jewelry and winter outerwear. It seems unlikely Li & Fung would be pushing new licenses if it didn't believe in the viability of the brand, at least in the medium term. We natural skeptics sincerely doubt Rachel Zoe will be penniless on the street with a "WILL EXCHANGE CAFTANS FOR FOOD" sign anytime soon.


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