A Planned Parenthood clinic in Indiana is offering adoption services. "It just seems to fit so well with our philosophy of providing women with choice," says a spokeswoman. Huh. So, lots of material here, in light of Planned Parenthood's recent strategy to become the "LensCrafters of Family Planning"…as if the choice between surgical and medical is akin to glasses/contacts, and giving birth to to a person you then cede to another person…sort of like Lasik? Choice…it is an odd term. If I were like, some serious essayist I might consult the OED and books like this and maybe riff on how a word once synonymous with freedom itself has turned at once dour and grim and devoid of meaning, maybe because the type of choice you can't make in the time it takes to type your credit card number into an encrypted database isn't generally that fun to make?

And Juno, which I finally saw (and cried during, but I was on a plane) and thought, "How is this not a pro-life movie?" Because you know, you wouldn't call it pro-choice, because she doesn't take advantage of the "choice" that's so endangered, even though you could make a Juno: China and you'd have a story that's slightly more P.C. And did it depict a kid for whom having a child was just one more oddball alternakid consumer choice she made, like with her collection of gory horror movies and retro flannel jackets, and thus a cynical GOP-funded marketing ploy whose appeal to a certain psychographic of bored punk rock-listening teenagers must now be answered by the Starbucks of reproductive health? Because I could argue that point with crystal clear logic in a Diablo Cody hit piece wryly referencing the opening line of Sex & The City about how women move to New York for the "two L's: Love and Labels," but the truth is I have no desire to diss Diablo Cody or the Indiana Planned Parenthood, not until I see the documents detailing the Build-A-Bear-bankrolled conspiracy, and that's the cool thing about opinions is they're also a "choice."


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