Is Oprah Secretly Planning to Get Married on TV in a Desperate Bid to Save OWN?

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Oprah has done some wild things for ratings in her time, but she may be about to out-Oprah Oprah. Rumor has it that she's asked her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, to marry her, so she can use the wedding to save her struggling network, OWN. So are we really going to be treated to Oprah's Big Fat Fake Wedding?


It is definitely worth taking this entire story with a giant pile of salt, since it does come courtesy of the National Enquirer—but they have been right before! And this scheme does certainly sound plausible. Here's what they say went down. Oprah and Stedman were at her estate in California. (Of course they were.) A "friend" of Stedman says the two were walking in the gardens when Oprah said there was something she needed to ask him: "She began to break down crying, saying she had made a mess of OWN." Then she said, "You've always been my knight in shining armor. Will you finally marry me?" He apparently joked with her and said, "I thought I was the one who asked YOU – 20 years ago! What's the big rush all of a sudden?" And then she said it was on account of a cold, calculated business decision. J/K. She didn't say that. Instead this happened:

They both laughed and hugged, and he began wiping away the tears from her eyes. He said to her, "You know I'd do anything for you, Oprah. You've always been my girl."

That is either incredibly heartwarming or a totally fictional detail, but, in any event, awwww. Later that night, Oprah apparently surprised Stedman with the news that she was going to give him a $100 million "prenup" for turning himself into "Mr. Oprah Winfrey." (Stedman, look under your chair. You're getting a giant preeeee-nuptial AGREE-MENNNNT!!!) Umm, for $100 million dollars Oprah could probably get President Obama to marry her on live TV. Now that would get some serious ratings. Then they could have a TLC-like reality show where Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey-Obama work together as sister wives to save the world. But I digress.

This seems like an awfully cynical, almost Kardashian-esque plan, if it's even real. But we'll probably tune in to every second of her wedding-related specials and weep at our TVs as she and Stedman tie the knot in the fall. As usual, Oprah knows us better than we know ourselves. [National Enquirer]

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Lindsay Lohan has gotten into a spot of bother, yet again. She went to the same club where she had a supposed fight two weeks ago, and this time she got into a fight with another woman, who ended up throwing a drink at LiLo. The details don't even really matter, do they? At this point, maybe we ought to just reduce Lindsay gossip to a code system. One for fighting, two for car-related incidents, three for things requiring handcuffs, etc. So translated, this gossip item now reads: Lindsay Lohan, Standard Hotel, Code One. No further explanation necessary. [TMZ]

Famed musician Levon Helm, drummer and singer for The Band, died of cancer today at the age of 71. He was in New York and was surrounded by his family and his bandmates. While he's had a long career and has won four Grammys, he'll probably be best remembered as the voice who sings "Take a load off, Annie…" in The Band's hit "The Weight." RIP. [TMZ]


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Hold onto your hats, Jake Gyllenhaal obsessives. He's set to make his Broadway debut in a production of If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. He'll hit the stage on August 24th in NYC, so you have until then to set up camp outside the stage door. Or, if you're really feeling psycho, you could start hiding in the theater now—Phantom of the Opera-style—and then you'll be able to wander back stage for a "chance" meeting during one of the rehearsals. [Vulture]

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Kelly Preston says she's still breastfeeding her 16-month-old son Benjamin, and she's in no hurry to wean him: "When I stop, it's going to be really hard on me. I love nursing so much. I love the closeness and knowing that I'm giving him the best as far as nutrients and antibodies. And he really loves it, too." Now I just have visions of her constantly breastfeeding him onboard a jet being piloted by her husband John Travolta. [People]

  • Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson has revealed a sad bit of his family history. He said he has two uncles that were both gay and died of AIDS before he was born. As a result, he's become an active supporter of gay rights. [E!]
  • Remember how Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp were in that Paul McCartney video using sign language? Well, it turns out they both accidentally signed the word "tampon" at different points in the video. Whoops! [Crushable]
  • Anna Paquin may be knocked up, but she is not yet ready to participate in the great celebrity ritual of the Baby Bump Reveal. She was spotted out yesterday, but she was wearing baggy black clothes with nary a bulge in sight. [E!]
  • Here is a video of Heidi Klum taking off her underwear and putting them in an Oscar gift bag for The Tonight Show because I guess why not? []
  • For reasons which may never be clear, Nicki Minaj left her hotel in London today wearing some sort of strappy bondage gear skirt with nothing but tights underneath. Perhaps she's auditioning for a role in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Ugh. [E!]
  • Fans of SNL's Seth Meyers will be pleased to know that Hulu has given him his own show. It involves a gang of superheroes and is called The Awesomes. [AP]
  • Ryan O'Neal never seems to have a shortage of drama in his life, and now a woman is claiming he's fathered her child. She says they had a "brief romantic relationship" that resulted in her getting pregnant, while he maintains that she is stalking and harassing him and that he never had a relationship with her." Someone alert Maury Povich STAT. [Radar]


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Forget Stedman, Oprah could get married to Jesus Christ and I still wouldn't care about OWN unless they got better programming.