Is Nina Garcia's PR Company Using Interns To Promote Her Cause?

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Though neither Elle nor publisher Hachette Filipacchi nor Nina Garcia will confirm Garcia's having been "let go" from the magazine last week, WWD reports that Garcia hired Rubenstein PR to speak for her. And! A little birdie tells us that Rubenstein has handed off some of the Garcia damage control work to its interns, deploying legions of them to comment on sites like Perez Hilton and TMZ. The minions leave encouraging and kind remarks, complete with stats on Nina's many successes while at Elle in the comments. (Many examples here, here, and here.) Oh, and take a look at this comment from "MakeItWork", in response to Perez's post Elle Vs Nina Vs Project Runway:

ELLE: Jan-Mar '08 ['08 $] 71,832,955 ['07$] 64,793,223 [% change] 10.9 ['08 pgs] 583.55 ['07 pgs] 552.00 [% change] 5.7

The team at Elle is doing something right, if PIB figures are a tell (see previous post 'It's not just newspapers.') And I suspect circulation figures, especially newsstand, were also strong for the same period, which coincides with the end of the last PR cycle.

Not all the work is done in the office especially in high profile positions at a fashion magazine. What seems like a glam lifestyle to many — designer dinners, fashion shows, gala functions — is considered work and has value. Also let's not forget, during the '2 years' cited by the 'insider' (read, one who likely wished their job was to get out to attend the aforementioned) Nina had a baby. Motherhood is very important work, isn't it?


It's doubtful, however, that Rubenstein's interns are responsible for the following comment, left in the same thread:

I actually heard when I worked there, that Nina had slept with Joe Zee not Gilles... wait, wait now I remember... They said Joe Zee loved having trio's [sic] with Nina and Robbie Myers IN THE CLOSET! yes!...and that they walked out with their hands full! Did you spread that stuff you said she did on your fucking tongue or what you bitch! You really hate and envy Nina right? it that you are in LOVE with Nina and truth is her popularity kills you!

Yeah, that one doesn't quite scream "public relations professional," does it?

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@PhillyLass: Yes, as a Jezzie in publishing... it is ridiculous to have PR minions out touting your PIB numbers. On Perez Hilton of all damn places. Could not possibly look more staged or desperate.