Is Nicky Hilton The Anti-Paris?

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Adam Tschorn of the L.A. Times hung out backstage with Nicky Hilton before her Chick line made its Los Angeles Fashion Week debut. You'd think this would make for an exciting story, since Tschorn was privy to all sorts of insights from Ms. Hilton, such as: "We're going for a look that's like a living doll — eyelashes, red lips, rosy cheeks. All the girls in the show are young; I don't think there is even one that's over 20." Unfortunately, the article — and maybe Nicky herself? — lacks any notable or interesting highlights. Newsflash! Nicky wanted "fun songs" for her runway show. "I hate it when designers use all this heavy, obscure instrumental stuff that no one understands," she said. "I've been to at least a hundred shows and it's boring to sit there and listen to that for 20 minutes." Her choices? Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" and the Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony." Uh, scintillating.


When a TV reporter asked, "If Sleeping Beauty were alive today, where in L.A. would she live? Where would she party? Who is your Prince Charming?" Nicky looked "slightly annoyed." But no snappish remarks issued from her lips. And she was detail-oriented! She had a shopping bag full Manolos and Louboutins, which she passed out to the models. "We were running low, so I brought some of my own shoes," she explained. Snooze! Then, OMG, the letter K in her logo "Chick" fell off of the runway mere moments before the show! But someone tacked it back into place. After the models walked and posed, Nicky received a standing ovation and roses from her boyfriend, David Katzenberg. No drama, no crazy quotes, no snuggling of thimble-sized dogs. (Paris was in Toronto, filming a movie.) One would almost think that Nicky is trying to differentiate herself from her sister. And everything about her poise, composure and subdued nature just scream, "I am not Paris", like it or not, her sister is definitely more fun to read about.

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Yeah...if Nicky wanted to differentiate herself from her sister...she would've maybe gone to college, become a professional or some such. Doctor Nicky- different than Paris. Fashion "designer" Nicky that manages not to get arrested and flash her vadge- not as bad as Paris. I'm with HeatherNumber1 Lesser of 2 evils, indeed.