The November issue of Glamour with Mariah Carey on the cover is out, and it's a sight to behold. All pink and sparkly, it's completely representative of the exaggerated femininity that she embodies. The coverline is pretty awesome, too: "She's smarter and saner โ€” Britney take notes!" But don't get your pen and pad out so fast, Brit. When asked what advice she would give Britney or Lindsay, Mariah said:

I wouldn't want to speak to those people specifically.

Ouch! Just when you think she's all Hello Kitty wishes and Lisa Frank dreams, she cuts through the sweet shit with dose of saltiness. Interviewer Carole Radziwill โ€” a three-time Emmy award winning news producer, New York Times bestselling author, and former war correspondent โ€”s omehow managed to negate all of her experience and journalistic integrity with her moronic intro (in which she goes on for an entire paragraph about her own outfit choices, and admits to needing to look up the word "diva" in the dictionary) that almost overshadows any silliness Mimi could offer us...almost. Check out the scan of her at home after the jump.

"I'm always saying I'm eternally 12," Mariah says, but actually we think that she's at once prepubescent and post-menopausal. Despite all the sexy clothes and high heels and big boobs, she doesn't come off as a sexual person at all, and even admits in Glamour that she "doesn't know what dating is." And we believe her.

At one point Radziwill says to her:

I would also call you a modern feminist, in that you challenge the universal definition of femininity. You're a businesswoman who's not afraid to be sexy. I think there's a serious woman under all that hair and those outfit changes.


To us, that makes no sense, as Mariah is the universal definition of femininity, and that one can absolutely fit into that definition and still be a feminist. And also, we're pretty sure that Mariah would not want to be called a feminist, for fear that people would think she was a lezzie or something. But whatever, on to the best question and answer:

GLAMOUR: Do you believe there is such a thing as sustainable love?
MC: With a human being I don't know, but definitely with a pet.


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