Is Lana Del Rey More a Jackie or a Marilyn?

Just in time for Independence Day, human hair fall Lana Del Rey has released a new video for her song "National Anthem." Making good use of all those stored up Instagram filters from "Born to Die," the video takes us back to 1960s Camelot with Del Rey playing both Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy to Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky's John Fitzgerald. The plus side of the video: LDR has always done the '60s well and this new version of the Kennedys is pretty sexy. The downside? It's nearly 8 minutes long, so the Fourth of July might be over by the time you get through it.

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Dodai Stewart

She sounds sensational when she sings a capella.

Also, who can be annoyed by her making "All-American" interracial when she does it with those adorable kids???