Is Kirstie Alley Banging Her Dancing Partner Or Not?

On today's edition of Good Morning America, Kirstie Alley said she's "done with reality TV" and out of the "deep funk" she was in for a long time. Then she mentioned her desire to "conquer" her bad boy dance partner who, she might add, she feels is "strong enough to handle me." After watching these two interact in ways that seem more suited to a NatGeo animal behavior special, we have to ask: are Kirstie and Maksim Chmerkovskiy fucking or not?

Luckily, a fearless viewer named Becky — thanks, Becky! — had the guts to ask if there was "chemistry" beyond the dance floor, to which Kirstie responded, "We always have chemistry." Non-answer! Silence is an admission of...something!

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I don't think they are banging, but I do know Kirstie is a big flirt. And that's what's so cute about her. I don't watch the show because dancing celebrities really bores the heck out of me, but I do like to see what these two are up to every week. Good for her that she's having some fun with it.