Is John McCain's Daughter Beholden To Special Interests Supplying Her Ugly Boots?

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John McCain's daughter has a campaign trail blog we've been scouring, and the most salient thing characteristic is "Boy is she blonde!" (Also: what's with the purple suit on her mom? Why do people in Phoenix always seem to be the ones keeping Dallas-era fashion alive?) Anyway, Meghan McCain's blog is mostly unmockably anemic, right down to a Jeff Buckley/Dandy Warhols/Kanye West iPod playlist that can only be described as NOW That's What I Call Music They Play At Retail Outlets! But one thing was kinda bothersome: she can't quit it with the product placements in the captions! "Top by Elie Tahari," says one. "T-shirt by Viva La Glam." "Boots by Giuseppe Zanotti," adds another. And we're gonna skip over the obvious joke for a minute — which is to say, the fact that you could give a fuck where she got those fugly boots and by the way, those headbands are so over already — and wax a little earnest for two seconds.


Did she get the shoes for free? Is McCain's campaign so moribund she's vying for a job in the fashion closet at Cosmo? One of the things we always sorta liked about John McCain back before Karl Rove ruined his life was his insistence on drilling the terms "campaign finance" and "beholden to special interests" over and over and over again until at least the least dumb five percent of the country actually focused for a second on the notion that when an institution intended to serve people is reliant on a few big companies for a huge portion of its funding everything gets corrupted, and while this is unavoidable, it is also good to remember that you would probably prefer your legislature ran itself more like The Economist and less like Teen Vogue, if you know what I mean, and if you don't, that's okay because I am probably not really making sense anyway, BUT, anyone who lists as her favorite hobby as "reading the latest fashion magazines" on a bio next to a picture of herself wearing that hat makes even less sense so whatevs.



I find it interesting that they listed their astrological signs too. And she is a Scorpio. Aren't they supposed to keep things to themselves, be a little mysterious? She looks to be an open book. And I never noticed much need for an art historian at SNL.