Has John Edwards been cheating on his terminally-ill wife for the past year and a half? But she lost all that weight!!! (Alternate punchline: "Hey, it worked for Newt Gingrich!" Preference?) Anyway, this maybe-scoop comes to us courtesy the National Enquirer via Mickey Kaus, who thinks it's super poss because Edwards recently stopped taking money from rich people who could potentially get really pissed in favor of financing his haircuts with our tax dollars (thanks, John!) wonders why the mainstream media isn't reporting on it yet. Because that's our job, Mick! Okay, so we always found John Edwards to be spookily smarmy, but this is, an email from the alleged other woman to an alleged friend, is partic. gross:

"Last night and this a.m., he actually has amazed me. He is a great man. My heart is loud and my head is silenced."


Well, that's for sure. Who the fuck sleeps with a married man whose wife has terminal cancer and THE ENTIRE WORLD FUCKING KNOWS ABOUT IT?

And on a related note, what kind of idiotic campaign worker — the Enquirer is withholding her name — thinks sleeping with her married candidate whose touching family life is basically the centerpiece of his campaign is good for her career? What campaign is going to take this girl now?

John Edwards Walks Into A Bar [Slate]
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