I went to see Joan Rivers do a stand-up set at The Cutting Room in NYC this week. She spent her time cutting up celebrities ("Michael J. Fox is better in bed now that he has Parkinson's"), herself ("My breasts are so low, I kick them when I walk"), and Sarah Palin ("That baby isn't retarded. He's tired! That kid didn't sleep for two months straight on the campaign trail!"). But it was the jokes about old people that stood out the most. The 75-year-old entertainment icon went on and on about how much she hates old people, and how they smell and how forgetful they are. The irony is that in the middle of her act, she started repeating her entire bit about old people.But that's not the only senior moment Joan had. In a bit about gold-digging wives, she referred to Heather Mills as Linda McCartney. Then, when she was talking about how glad she is that Barack Obama's kids are attractive, saying that they're such an improvement over Chelsea Clinton, whose name she couldn't remember at all, so she referred to her as "the Clinton thing." Later, when discussing Madonna's divorce and alleging that Madonna is so sad and old, someone from the audience shouted out, "But she still has A-Rod!". Joan looked confused for a moment, and then said, "Well, I was on Celebrity Apprentice with Dennis, he's nothing to look at." She totally thought they were talking about Dennis Rodman, a guy Madonna dated over 15 years ago, before she even had kids. Joan was still funny, but unless she wants to turn the act into some giant meta joke, she should lay off trying to get yucks about senility.