Today the English tabloid The Mirror answers a plea for advice from a woman whose boyfriend is still good friends with his ex. The ex-girlfriend insists on coming out to the pub with the happy couple and "referring to private jokes and going on about what great friends they are." The Mirror's advice columnist, whose name is Flic (?!?!) Everett, tells the woman that the omnipresent ex "never really got over the split." No shit, Flic! As we've stated before, people who stay bff with their exes are either a) still smitten and trying to get back together, b) totally masochistic, or c) reasonably narcissistic and fluffing their egos with the idea that their exes are still in love with them. It sounds like the letter writer is dealing with a lot of "a", and maybe a little "c".


Flic cautions the letter-writer against being too aggressive with the ex-girlfriend, because the ex will assume she's "jealous." We say: Who gives a shit if an ex knows you're jealous? Be aggressive with both your dude and his ex. It's fine for her to come around the pub if she's still friends with all the same people, but you need to tell your man to keep the reminiscing to a minimum. And if she persists in rehashing old intimacies, there is nothing wrong with threatening to cut a bitch.

I Hate His Ex [Mirror]
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