The "other day," Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Diane Mapes' sister saw two people arrested for having sex in an office building bathroom during business hours. A little research and it turns out that 22 percent of people in a survey of 80,000 people admit to fucking in public. I feel so prudish now.

See, I never even made out in public in high school (parents, if you want to keep your kids from parking, my dad highly recommends letting them drive nothing but a tiny 2-door stick shift car; worked wonders for him). Of course, I made out in my basement, or my boyfriend's bedroom, or his attic, his bathroom, on a friend's couch, my bedroom... but never in a car. I was always terrified of getting caught and at least by doing it in our houses we were limiting who might catch us.

Then I went to college on an urban campus — no cars, no private spots. My sophomore year, I visited a boyfriend at his college and we made out in his car just so I could say I'd made out in a car, but it was February in upstate New York and we were in a well-lit parking lot, so no clothes were coming off. The closest I came to doing it in a car was in Germany when I studied abroad — with no where else to go, we parked in a remote spot on campus but, without a condom, we alternated oral (on me) and manual (on him) and neither of us got naked. Twice since I've gone manual with guys in cars — in parking garages, after hours, God bless a man with good fingers — but I've never done anything in a bathroom, an office building, on a beach, in a park, basically, nowhere fun or naughty or exciting. I don't consider myself a particularly prudish person, but I feel like the fear of getting caught wouldn't heighten the thrill of having sex, it would just be something I wouldn't be able to get off my mind long enough to orgasm well.

Obviously, exhibitionists are a different story, so I understand the thrill there is not the possibility of getting caught as much as actually getting caught. But, I'm hard-pressed to believe that 22 percent of people in that big a survey are straight-out exhibitionists dying to perform before an audience. So, what am I missing... or, at 30, have I already missed it?

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