Cashmere Mafia is a new TV show premiering next Monday. It's supposed to taste like Sex & The City because it's made by Sex & The City, or at least one of its makers, Darren Star. (The other maker of SATC, Candace Bushnell, is also making a next-new Sex & The City, which is why Candace and Darren are no longer speaking, but that's another story.) Anyway, the official New York intelligentsia verdict from New York Magazine fashion reporter Amy Larocca is in, and it is OMG BAD. Most of the characters are so unsympathetic!! They lie and they cheat and they "suggest that a balanced, reasoned existence is something thoroughly impossible to attain" — how not like New York at all!!

Sex and the City felt like New York. Its characters were ironic, self-deprecating, and funny... Watching it made me think about an early Sex and the City episode in which Miranda realizes that she's a smart-lady beard for a serial modelizer, trotted out to assure his friends he's not shallow. She's invited to dinner parties and ditched the second Lotus opens. It was about the push and pull between beauty and brains, and a city that values both but sometimes gets confused.


See, I would interpret that situation to not really be about "push and pull" or any sort of "conflict" in values whatsoever, because there's sort of a common theme running through: "appearances", specifically how "they're all that matters in this town." And yeah, that's not totally true, because money also matters, as evidenced from the aforementioned Darren Star-Candace Bushnell feud (and also: Candace Bushnell's entire body of work) but if you think brains really have a place here, Amy, ummmmm, why do you and Robin Givhan consistently seem to be lone two ladies in town capable of intelligently writing about the fashion industry?

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