Like much of what we read in this month's in Cosmopolitan, we started simultaneously laughing and groaning when we came across this "Blow His Mind Tip" in the new issue of the magazine. And honestly, we don't really know where to start! [How about that "Seeing where he's about to be touched" sentence? -Ed.] So we'll let you say it for us (in the comments section of course). Also: We totally plan on using this move on our boyfriends and seeing how quickly we can freak them the fuck out. We'll let you know what happens.

[Wait, this reminds me of some shit the submissives used to ask for at phone sex. You lock him in the bathroom while he's shaving, then squirt shaving cream all over his balls and force him to shave them while you squirt toothpaste up his ass. If he's a dominance fetishist, he'll go NUTS. Way to water down a great idea, Cosmo! -Moe]

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