Is It Actually Harder For Girls To Get Off During Oral Sex Than Regular Sex?

News that may fail to shock: When college kids hook up, the dude is about three times as likely to get off. But here's the rub: a new study of students at four state schools says the "orgasm gap" is even wider when the "hook up" denotes oral sex. So like, there are shitloads of dudes out there right now diving into girls' crotches and doing an even worse job getting them to come than they would if they'd just been lazy and fucked? What is this about? Are men's magazines failing them? Do we need to film an INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO? Don't answer that!

Oh wait, I sort of misread, obviously a huge part of the gap is due to the fact that oral sex is often not reciprocated. And yeah, lesbians are better at giving head to girls than dudes. But the fact that dudes get off girls only 39% of the time they go down on them is kind of sad. What are they doing wrong? Tell us here!


Bedroom Inequalty [Stanford Daily]

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