Is It A Dealbreaker If A Guy Has His Belly Button Pierced?

Everyday at the end of The Wendy Williams Show, there's a segment called "Ask Wendy" where audience members get to ask the host for advice. Today, one woman brought up a great question. She was on a date with a guy and showed him her belly button ring. Then he showed her his. She wanted to know if this was a dealbreaker. We say no…as long as she's OK having a romantic relationship with a homosexual man. (Jk.) Clip above.

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At this point in my life, I probably wouldn't be compatible with any grown-ass man who felt the need to be pierced anywhere-especially not the belly-button. I mean, how silly would that look on a guy? I would just laugh at him.

(Now I'll probably go home tonight and find that the fiancé got an earring…)