Now that George Clooney is reportedly dating Italian model/TV presenter Elisabetta Canalis (above, the couple in Milan today), we wonder why he's established a pattern of dating women much less professionally successful than himself. Let's take a tour.


Kelly Preston

Clooney lived with Preston in 1988, when they were both young actors in LA. He bought her a potbellied pay named Max, who became his longtime (and famous) pet when they broke up. So far, so equal.

Talia Balsam

They married in Vegas in 1989, just a few months after Clooney's breakup with Preston. That year, he was in Red Surf and she was in Trust Me. Trust Me actually has 5.3 stars on IMDb, while Red Surf has a dismal 3.6, so by that measure she was actually doing better than him. They divorced in 1993.


Celine Balitran

This French waitress/law-student was 23 when she and Clooney got together in 1996 (he was 35). Clooney was building his career with movies like From Dusk Till Dawn, One Fine Day, and The Peacemaker. It's unclear if she finished her law studies when she moved to LA to be with him, but IMDb now lists her occupation as "model." She may mark the beginning — at least, that we know of, of Clooney's predilection for the waitress, model, and waitress/model. At least one (kind of questionable) source reports they were engaged. They split in 1999 — she broke up with him.


Lisa Snowdon

Snowdon and Clooney dated on and off from 2000 to 2005. Her career included modeling for Maxim, FHM, Esquire, and GQ. She also hosted the show LA Pool Party. It's worth noting that Clooney's post-Balsam girlfriends generally haven't been famous enough to be interviewed, except in the context of being with Clooney. As a result, we have no idea whether they're smart — only that their careers are nonthreatening and usually involve hotness.


Krista Allen

Allen met Clooney in 2002 and dated him until 2004, perhaps during a "off" period with Snowdon. According to IMDb, "She is also very excited about her new t-shirt line SuperEXellent."


Renee Zellwegger

They dated in 2001, but very briefly, and may have dated again in 2006. Maybe she was too famous for him?


Sarah Larson

A cocktail waitress, dancer, and former Fear Factor contestant, Sarah Larson famously started dating Clooney in 2007. He took her to the Academy Awards, for him an unprecedented commitmenty step. While dating him, she tried to launch a modeling career, of which she said Clooney was supportive. "Your boyfriend better be," she told People. "If they aren't, you gotta kick 'em in the butt and walk away." He broke up with her in 2008.


Elisabetta Canalis

Which brings us to his current girlfriend. Aged 30, she reminds us that while Clooney likes them young, he doesn't always like them so young that cradle-robbing seems like his only motivation. Rather, ever since his marriage, he seems to go for women with undemanding and (at least compared to him) unimpressive jobs in the sexiness professions. Canalis, with her current gig hosting Italian Total Request Live and her "very minor role" in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, is no exception.


Is it wrong to be annoyed that Clooney, a seemingly cerebral actor with risky movie choices and a reputation for international advocacy and interest in politics and policy, seems to date women known mainly for their ability to pose and serve drinks (Lucy Wolvert, whom he reportedly dated for a few months this year, brings his cocktail waitress total to at least three)? In a way it is, because for all we know, these women could all be awesome. At the same time, it's hard not to see Clooney as a powerful guy who pointedly avoids dating powerful women. And that, especially if you like both George Clooney and power, is kind of depressing.

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