Is Fur Becoming Acceptable? • Police Solve Murder Of John Walsh's Son

• The Guardian asks: is the wearing of fur starting to become more socially acceptable? •

• Authorities in South Florida say they've solved the 1981 killing of a boy whose father, John Walsh, is the host of America's Most Wanted. The man who killed the boy died in prison a decade ago. • A Chicago woman alleges that a doctor inflicted hellish and unnecessary pain on her while she was giving birth to her fifth child. • A new scientific report has found that the normal muocosal lining of the female genital tract is not a foolproof barrier against contracting HIV. • A new Danish study reports that girls have a better sense of taste than boys but boys have a bigger sweet tooth. • A 60-year-old man died at his retirement party in Japan after his colleagues failed to properly catch him after they threw him in the air as part of the celebration. • A young Minnesota woman was arrested for drunk driving after she ignored a police officer's honking as she waited in a McDonald's drive-thru line. • Dutch researchers report that it is safe for girls to undergo surgical reshaping of the nose for facial clefts at 16 while boys can undergo surgery safely at 17. • On Monday, a German court ruled against a woman who wanted her insurance to pay for her breast reduction surgery. • Aw: a nerdy dad-to-be wrapped his wife's pregnant belly with sensors to tweet the unborn baby's kicks on Twitter. • Good or bad idea: vibrating body jewelry. • A new study reveals that the most commonly prescribed medication for Aussie women is antidepressants. • A Nevada woman brought home 27 dogs from the pound but was forced to give up most of them after her neighbors complained about the barking. • The Palazzo Versace fashion house, a luxury hotel in Dubai, plans to create the world's first air-conditioned beach. • A Bangladeshi woman who lived and worked in the UK as a doctor has returned to London after being held captive by her parents in Bangladesh who wanted to marry her off. • A 12-page Skoal ad in Playboy promotes dipping with nearly nude women.


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