Is Fur Ad In Vogue A PETA Plant?

Ads for furriers often give new meaning to the term "fug." But this one in the December Vogue could not possibly be real. I mean, I know fuck-all about fashion, and I know you don't make gold-colored fur jacket with gold buttons and gold bric-a-brac trim. And if you do that, you definitely don't force the model to stand against a bronzy-gold wall and leaning on a gold paisley chair with a mustard-gold gloved hand. (Click on tag for more)


And I mean, I know it's a little thing, but why would you make her wear gloves in an ad? Does she have some sort of unsightly skin rash?

Moreover, where did you find this model? Did you put out a call for "pre-op Celine Dion, only 50-75% uglier"? And where did you find the second grader who styled that chignon? And this is also minor, too, but who exactly masterminded the half-down, half-popped collar look she's got going here? And seriously, of all the shots you could have used, this smile? How's she gonna get any more work with this in her portfolio? Did you ever think about the ethical treatment of models?

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