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In terrible and heart-stopping news, Ellen Barkin—star of stage and screen—was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after choking on her lunch. Now get your shit together and stop screaming! She’s going to be FINE. Ellen is going to be FINE.

TMZ reports that Barkin “had taken a break on the set of her new TNT show, Animal Kingdom, when food apparently went down the wrong pipe. Ellen showed signs of distress and began to panic. It got worse... so bad she actually passed out... We’re told the 61-year-old actress was rushed to an L.A. hospital where doctors performed a variety of tests. It’s unclear how the food was dislodged.”

Thankfully, Barkin—a true treasure—was saved and released from the hospital Tuesday night. All we can do now is pray.


Illustration for article titled IS ELLEN BARKIN OKAY???

I will NOT. [E! News]

Joe “Juicy Joey” Giudice will begin his 41-month prison sentence for fraud today. As Page Six respectfully reports, this means that Joe and his wife Teresa will not have sex for the next three years because Joe’s prison does not allow conjugal visits. And that, I hope, is the last time we’ll ever have to talk about those two bodies slapping together.


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