Is Chelsea Clinton Too Much Of A "Reg" To Help Her Mom's Campaign?

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A column in yesterday's Washington Post advances the critique the media has been trying to articulate ever since she refused to give an interview to that nine-year-old reporter, which is to say: Chelsea Clinton, despite having visited 119 college campuses in 37 states and flown 73,000 miles on behalf of her mom's bid for the presidency, is not really doing much because she is boring and bland and does not seem at all like someone you'd want to drink with. I generally find this true; while Meghan McCain talks about how she didn't vote for Jenna Bush's dad and Jenna Bush talks about how she's probably not voting for Meghan's dad, the most interesting thing I can say for Chelsea is that she donned this ridiculous getup last weekend and attended the Kentucky Derby, where a bunch of horses died. Essentially, Chelsea Clinton is a "reg" and that's the problem with her.


She's got a boring hedge fund job, she worked at McKinsey before that, she keeps herself discreet and reserved, she represses all outward signs of personality, she speaks in a very soft voice. Her hair is always well-highlighted and groomed. The best CD she owns is probably by Radiohead. We all know the type. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just not what we're looking for right now.

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I like Chels. What's wrong with being regular?

We do not need a Paris Hilton type as the first daughter.