Is Carla Bruni The French President's Yoko Ono, Or His Operatic True Love?

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The high drama currently surrounding the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, his ex-wife, Cécilia, and his new girlfriend, former model Carla "The Maneater" Bruni, is better than anything you'd see on Days of our Lives. The Elysee Palace intrigue reached a fever pitch this week when not one, but three biographies about Cécilia and Nicolas were released, in which the former first lady called President Sarkozy: "ridiculous, badly behaved and not fit to be president." And that's the nicest thing Cécilia (allegedly) said about him, even though she's the one who left the President for another man. She also labeled him a stingy philanderer, and called Sarkozy's ladyfriends "slappers" (American translation: low hanging fruit).


Oh, and did we mention that Carla Bruni is reportedly up the stick? Right. According to the always respectable Daily Mail, the President's popularity is plummeting in the wake of his very public relationship with the supermodel, whose previous beaus include Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Donald Trump. She earned the nickname "Maneater" when she left a boyfriend for his son — whose jilted wife, Justine Levy, then wrote a bestselling roman-a-clef about the situation.

Speaking of books, Cécilia attempted to halt publication of the most damning biography of her marriage to Sarkozy, Cécilia, by journalist Anna Bitton. The former first lady has never said that anything in the book is untrue, though: she was suing on grounds of invasion of privacy. Earlier today, according to The Telegraph, The Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris decided that Mme Sarkozy had no right to keep Bitton's books from the masses, much to the delight of every tabloid-lover on the Continent.

All the major newspapers in Europe are obsessively covering this juicy story, and everyone has a theory about why President Sarkozy is rushing into a super-serious relationship with Bruni in the aftermath of his messy divorce from Cécilia. The Daily Mail rounds up the various possibilities: The earnest types out there think that Sarkozy has truly fallen head over heels for the glamorous Bruni. The mercenaries think that Sarkozy just wants someone to be a first lady for him — he suffers from protocol nightmares in more conservative countries like Saudi Arabia because he's a single man, and, if he had a wife, Sarkozy would be relieved of some diplomatic headaches. The last theory is that Sarkozy is still deeply in love with Cécilia, even though she publicly jilted him and slagged him to the press, and that he's merely dating Bruni (who bears more than a passing resemblance to Cécilia) as an elaborate revenge.

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Daladier brought his mistress, and not his wife, to all major public events. This is nothing new for French politicians. I love the fact that les francais are interested, but don't really give a flying fuck. Cannot WAIT to get over there in June...