G4 is a cable channel geared toward male viewers, and last year, on a program called Attack Of The Show, a segment called "The Great Cougar Hunt" featured three women allegedly trying to pick up younger men in a "world famous cougar hot spot." The ladies, who claim they were filmed without their consent, are pissed that they were branded as "cougars" on national television. TMZ reports that they're suing G4 and the hosts of the show for more than $1 million. The big question here is: Is calling a woman a "cougar" offensive?Page Six Magazine recently published a "Field Guide To Cougars" and it was hard to tell what the women on the list had in common: Madonna, Anna Wintour, Genevieve Jones? They "prey" on younger men, really? The stock character of a bawdy woman of a certain age has been around for centuries. One the one hand, "cougar" is rife with positive symbolism: Cats are always associated with women, and a mountain lion is a powerful, gleaming animal. Radar's Lynn Harris wrote a story about cougars recently, and Harris quoted her friend, Cindy: "For years I have railed that we need something stronger than pink-essentially red with the life force sucked out of it-associated with women. And cougar is it, baby! It's powerful, aggressive, sexy-everything pink is not," Cindy explains. "It says, 'Oh, you're looking at me like I'm pathetic because I'm a middle-aged woman and single? Sorry, I didn't notice-I was ogling your younger coworker!" On the other hand: Page Six Magazine is dubbing Anna Wintour a "cougar" for hanging out with 27-year-old Roger Federer, hiring 28-year-old Sean Avery and putting 23-year-old LeBron James on the cover of Vogue. As if an older woman is "preying" on young men by befriending them. And most of the language (and SNL skits) surrounding the term "cougar" is mocking and insulting: Are we meant to laugh off a woman's sexuality because she is a certain age? ("As an official feminist and sometime 'cougar,' I think the label is revolting," Tedra Osell of Bitch PhD tells Radar. "I mean, yes, congratulations, society, on realizing that adult women are sexual beings, but generally I find that the label is used condescendingly, as if women that age are a little past it and aggressive-predatory in a desperate way.") We've used the word here and honestly, I'm torn. Is calling a woman a "cougar" offensive? Should the ladies suing G4 get a million dollars? The Great Cougar Hunt Lawsuit — MUST READ!!!! [TMZ] Ladies Of A Certain Age [Radar] Trend: A Field Guide to Cougars [Page Six Magazine] Earlier: Five Reasons Older Women Should Date Younger Men