Here's something to think about: Does Britney's child custody battle highlight "an unfair burden of expectations for young mothers"? Because that's what Nick Hazell of ABC News writes today. He interviews Nancy Luke, a sociologist at Brown University, who says, "It is still the norm in the U.S. that women are expected to take care of the children as opposed to the male. There is a definite double standard." But everyone else quoted has nothing good to say about Britney. Public relations man Howard Bragman claims, "She's hunted like an animal, but the way she lives her life brings this upon herself." Chudney Ross, daughter of Diana Ross, says, "It's the right decision to give the kids to Federline and it doesn't surprise me as she hasn't made any of the lifestyle changes the judge asked of her. Still, the decision is not ideal for the kids as in a perfect world they would really need two whole new parents." (Yeah, we're not sure why she's quotable, but there it is.)

Though the subhead of this story reads, "Spears Being Punished For Lifestyle That Men Enjoy With Impunity, Some Suggest," no one in the article really "suggests" unfair punishment, beyond Nick Hazell himself. Yet we wonder if he has a point.

Rush To Judgment On Britney? [ABCNews]