Is Beyoncé Releasing New Songs With Babyface, Lil Wayne?

It’s unclear if this screenshot is real or not—plugging these Work IDs and ISWCs into ASCAP’s non-member search yields a giant, fat “No Results Found.” But a gal can dream, can’t she?


Were these titles true, they’d mean a Lil Wayne collabo, a Babyface—Boots collabo, an Amanda Ghost—The-Dream collabo, another Stargate track, and a new track with the dude who helped write “Bootylicious.” We do know Beyoncé’s working on her sixth album, but below is a pretty decent breakdown as to why this screenshot is fake. Let’s face it: the main dead giveaway is that there are only three writers on each track.

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Beyonce’s middle name is Giselle? Tina gave her daughters really pretty names!