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Is Anyone Surprised That Anne Heche Is Still Crazy?

Illustration for article titled Is Anyone Surprised That Anne Heche Is Still Crazy?
  • Anne Heche's estranged husband goes out on a limb and calls her "mentally unstable." []
  • Consider yourself warned: Make faces at a dog, and the police may bust yo' ass. [ABC News]
  • We take some solace in the fact that apparently we needn't worry about bald eagles... [CNN]
  • ...Which is a good thing, because birds that roost near Rob Lowe in trouble. [USA Today]
  • At last, a confirmed cause of death for 5,300-year old ice man Oetzi: Bled to death on a glacier. RIP at last, buddy. [BBC]
  • Today in celebs entering rehab: Richie Sambora! Everyone, say "Hi, Richie!"!!!! []
  • Brazilian illegal gambling games? Bad idea. Really bad idea. [NYT]
  • New E. Coli cases linked to beef. That's why we're vegetarians, suckas! [CNN]
  • Mother of a teenage girl? Lock her indoors! Marilyn Manson to start 25-city tour in July. [E!]

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Did you guys know that Brad Pitt has a tattoo of Oetzi on his inner forearm? For reals.

Also, Anne Heche's titties are freakin' me the fuck out.