Is Anti-Rape Campaign Edgy or Counterproductive?

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A Scottish rape awareness campaign is using arguably provocative photos of women with the slogan "This is not an invitation to rape me." Will folks get it, "or are they just going to go 'ooooh, nipples!'?" [Sociological Images]

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I think it is obvious that no one "asks" to be raped with their choice of dress. To say so is unacceptable and idiotic.

However, I would like to point out that women do have a role to play in whether or not they receive unwanted [male] attention. Dressing in a provocative manner invites attention. People who do so, men or women, are asking to be *looked* at. It just so happens that men respond to such things more often them women. And, if you can't handle the cat calls and the leers, cover up, put on some pants, and stop sticking saline in your boobs.