Is American Apparel In Another Uncomfortable Position?

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  • More hot water for American Apparel: an accountant is suing for wrongful termination, saying he was fired for refusing to cook the books. [WSJ]
  • A Bosnian company is starting an Obama-inspired suit line. Now is he obliged to wear one?! [Breitbart]
  • Joan Rivers critiques Michelle's "horrible dress." In fairness, she's totally ambushed by a TMZ reporter. [TMZ]
  • Mark Wahlberg says his CK co-moddle Kate Moss looked "like his nephew." “I mean she’s beautiful – she’s a very pretty nephew – but I’m more into curvy women.” In fairness, she started it. [The Sun]
  • Three words: Juicy Couture Stroller. A favorite with teen moms everywhere! [Racked]
  • Designer Jussara Lee, us, sick of SATC. "The whole Sex and the City thing was a huge influence on ordinary people. It looks too done up to me. It's too much hair. Everyone looks like they've spent too much time, too much money, and then in the end everyone looks the same. It's curious that people would go the whole extent to look so the same." [New York]
  • Oy. Macy's takes a major hit. [WWD]
  • How do the Vena Cava designers relax? "Cold beer and Steve Martin movies." [ ]
  • Asia emerges as one of Versace's biggest markets. [WSJ]
  • Retailers, shoppers all terrified. Christmas shopping should be a blast! [Washington Post]
  • If a photo shoot is deemed too racy for Italian Vogue, you better believe it's NSFW! [NY Mag]
  • Meanwhile, Kate Moss rocks the cover of Vogue China. []
  • "At Lanvin, (Alber) Elbaz did not just resurrect a sleeping beauty and transform it into one of the most desirable fashion brands in Paris today, but with his designs, he has helped up the allure of French fashion overall." [WWD]
  • L'Oreal's European supremacy is slipping. [Reuters]
  • Payless gives a million dollars to kids in need for the holidays. That's like 500,000 pairs of their shoes! [Payless Gives via NY Mag]
  • Poked by Burberry? Luxury labels take to social networking sites. [WWD]
  • More on Stella's adorable children's windows! [Telegraph]
  • Pucci makes moddles dance with mannequins. "Aside from the mannequins — a sassy gaggle called Girl to be dressed in contemporary styles by Frank Tell — the dancers will intermingle with big round plaster sculptures by Michael Evert." [WWD]
  • Roland Mouret breaks into menswear. [Fashionista]

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American manufacturing has really gone down the tubes. We use immigrant labor and outsourcing, our once proud auto industry is in the shitter. We're even using immigrants for our sexual harassment. I propose a moratorium on immigration, because all they want to do is pull a Dov Charney and move here and take our ass slapping rights away.