Is A Big Name In Film The Next Big Name In Fashion?

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In Sunday's New York Times T magazine, fashion critic Cathy Horyn discusses Harvey Weinstein's purchase of legendary fashion label Halston. "Only one individual has succeeded in getting Halston right, and that was Halston," writes Horyn. Weinstein, whose girlfriend, Georgina Chapman, designs Marchesa, is best known for producing movies (which have won a total of 45 Oscars). According to Horyn, Weinstein insists he's not looking to become a fashion mogul. He's "fashionably challenged" but, obviously, a shrewd business man: his partner in Halston is Tamara Mellon, the founder of Jimmy Choo. Stylist Rachel Zoe is on Halston's creative advisory team. The creative director comes from Versace.

But owning the company is not enough: Weinstein would like to make a documentary of Halston's life, focusing on his creativity. "I'm fascinated by the creative process," he says. "Halston has to be thought of the way Gucci is, or Tom Ford," Weinstein says. "It's got to signify a certain coolness, Studio 54, a young American designer going against the grain." The question is, can this "bearish hetero," as Horyn calls him, make a quasi-defunct brand into a buzzed-about award-winner, as he did with films? He has the connections, but does he have the mystique, the cultivated je ne sais quoi that most couture cats have? And will fashionistas accept him into their glittery world? He has a penchant for tantrums; he's at least got that fashion-world prerequisite down.

The New Halston? [NYTimes]

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@bananappeal: Well, it is expensive to start a fashion company...