Irate, Whiny Jon Gosselin Says He "Despises" Kate In ABC Interview

Earlier today, GMA previewed tonight's Primetime interview with Jon Gosselin. At left, Jon says having eight kids meant "bye-bye 20s," but the real problem was, "I was verbally abused, I was beaten down, [Kate] separated me from my family."


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I'm not excusing either of them (although in the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that Jon annoys the heck out of me), but for context I'll just say this: my husband, who's a really active, involved dad, has, when our kids were babies/toddlers, gotten the brunt of my towering frustration when I was tired, overwhelmed, stressed, and he was just kind of standing there, not taking initiative, and asking me what he should do next. I'd feel like shaking him and shouting, "Just look around! If you can't see what needs to be done, then do us both a favor and get out of my way!!" Totally unfair, but coming from a place of such exhaustion that I could barely contain myself; when I was pushed to the limit by child rearing, and had no patience left over for my husband. And this was with a good guy, who wanted to help and was doing his best to get in there and do it! Add to that 6 additional kids and a weak, passive aggressive partner, and I can't imagine. I have empathy for Kate, despite her unattractive lashing out at Jon.