Iraqi Dog Is On Route To US • Nebraska To Rewrite Safe-Haven Law

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• Ratchet, the adopted Iraqi pup of US soldier Gwen Beberg, was picked up yesterday by Baghdad Pups and is expected to arrive in Beberg's hometown later this week. • A 29-year-old man in Michigan was arrested on Thursday for using a car wash vacuum for his "sexual pleasure." • British authorities announced today that Chinese-made "I Love You" flavored body sprays sold in sex shops in England have been found to be tainted with melamine.• Here is video footage of a pride of white African lions (including cute lion kitties) that have been released into a wild reserve in South Africa. •• Celebrity gossip sites like TMZ and E! Online have seen a boost in cellphone readers since they have begun introducing mobile updates to keep readers up-to-date on the latest Kim Kardashian mishaps. • A New York cat therapist poses for New York Magazines "Look Book" with her formerly panic attack-having kitty and talks about helping cats with behavioral problems. • A Welsh woman has created a blog that asks women to share their stories of domestic abuse in hopes of illustrating how widespread domestic violence is in the UK. • According to a recent survey of online behavior, men are more likely than women to feel as strongly about their online communities as they feel about their off-line ones. • Chris Hardy, an ex-Mormon who created a beefcake calendar featuring Mormon hunks, had his recent BYU degree put on nonacademic hold after BYU found out he had been excommunicated between the time he completed his studies and the time he attended graduation ceremonies. • An 89-year-old Ohioan woman was arrested last week after she refused to give a child back his football when it landed in her yard. • A judge in Pennsylvania has ordered a woman and her husband to take down the woman's makeshift "bubble," which she says helps her environmental illness which makes her sensitive to substances. • A speculation ad from the CLM BBDO Paris advertising agency caused a bit of trouble for Pepsi last week when an ad that suggested a lifeguard was willing to look the other way while a young boy molested a woman in exchange for a can of Pepsi was leaked on the internet. • A representative for the Nebraska State Legislature announced today that the state would be altering its safe-haven law to apply only to infants who are up to 3 days old. • Researchers are currently studying the link between past birth control use and a lowered risk uterine and ovarian cancers by examining the amount of estrogen that is found in the urine of monkeys who are given birth control. •



Maria thank you for posting about Ratchet and the white lions.

It's like the anti-venom for McCain's whipped cream licking buddy.