Iraq Is A Mystery Told To A Canadian Signifying Something Spiritual..

People always need to reach out, for good or for bad, in this world, and while some people who don't like the path of the country go to Pakistan and reach out to Al Qaeda Norman Hsu was a different sort, he's Chinese I can tell from the name, and like most Chinese he used to reach out for lots and lots and lots of money but now he reaching for his revolver which is incidentally a reference to a Mission of Burma song but not the same Mission of Burma known for "Red," which is the color of blood, which reminds us it is blowjob week, for which we present this cautionary tale: Any good Sunni can convert an evildoing Sunni once he makes her realize that the good Sunni is just a spirit and the evildoer is just a spirit, and they're just two spirits in a material world and they can lose the good-evil dynamic, if they survive the roadside bombs. In other news President Bush is going on TV tonight

and there is just going to be so much positive energy, especially from all his constituents in Toronto and Chicago, but being a prisoner of the Human Condition I will probably be drinking alcohol instead.


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Wow. Although nauseatingly unfocused and meaningless, I'll support any Burma rant. "That's when I reach for my revolver!"

My punk rock/indie friends would kill me if they read this, but wouldn't it be awesome if Britney covered that song post-VMA?