You'd think that after your company's co-founder was caught on camera naked and aggressively fondling himself outside of SeaWorld, you'd be extra sensitive to the existence of your own embarrassing videos, but not so with Invisible Children's Director of Ideology (that is not a real job) Jedidiah Jenkins. Back in 2010, Invisible Children won a million dollar grant of which they promised to give $100K to Haiti's earthquake relief effort. As for the remaining $900K, it's unknown how the funds were dispersed (they very well could have gone towards the Kony 2012 video and campaign), but really, who cares because we got this super funny amazing joke by Jedidiah out of it. Even better, he was nice enough to record it for us.

In the video, Jenkins โ€” prepare to get your LOL on โ€” chugs what's obviously water from a vodka bottle (get it? Water looks like vodka) and pretends to be completely blotto. Then he says that he's gonna keep the remainder of the money โ€” all 900 thousand of it โ€” for himself. Are you laughing so hard? You're laughing so hard, right? If you're not laughing, then you probably don't get it because this joke is top notch. When he sarcastically added, "Africa is gonna come up in the world," I just about died, but then I wrote a big fat check to Invisible Children instead.

Invisible Children Exec Makes Super Inappropriate Joke About Keeping Charity Donations for Himself
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'KONY 2012' Exec Joked About Keeping $900k Donation for Himself [TMZ]