Introducing Three New Jezebel Staffers

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Hi, I'm the new editor of Jezebel. I'm here from The Hairpin, which I edited for the past year, and before that, Gawker and Deadspin. I'm excited to be here, and to announce three new wonderful additions to the Jezebel staff:

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd will head up a pop culture subsite as the site's Culture Editor. She's an experienced reporter, editor, and general mentor/queen-bee of the pop culture writing world. Julianne currently teaches a course on music writing at NYU and contributes to Rookie; really gets the teens.


Jia Tolentino will be the new Features Editor. She's a wonderful editor and writer who somehow has also appeared on a reality show (anyone who finds footage, bless you), gone to graduate school, and done the Peace Corps, all possibly via time travel. Just as she did at The Hairpin, she'll solicit and edit features, and also write and tell us what music to listen to.

Clover Hope is Jezebel's newest Staff Writer. Clover's leaving a post as deputy editor at VIBE, where she covered music, television, and more; she also happens to have been published everywhere that publishes good writing. She's brilliant and prolific and will add to our already strong crew of pop culture aces.

Please join me in welcoming them to this corner of the internet, and look out for their work in the next few weeks. And if you have any questions for me, I'll jump into the comments. You can also find me on email and Twitter. Thanks for reading.



I <3 it when my two favorite ladyblogs cross-over into a third dimension of awesome. Welcome!

That said...can there be some sort of initiation wherein the newest Jez staff have to approve all the (normal, non-spammy) pending commenters on this post? It's so sad over here in the greys. :( I worked so hard long ago to become an approved commenter, now I'm back at the bottom, lumped in with guy who works from home and makes $1M a year wants to tell us about how Google made it all possible. I'm not a creep, I promise!