Introducing The Necky: The Snuggie for Your Neck

I was prepared to make fun of the Necky, a bib-like fleece garment that protects your neck from the cold in a way a scarf can't, but then they showed how it folds up in your pocket. Uh oh.


I love my Snuggie, and soon I'll probably love my necky. I'm just going to comfort myself with the fact that I'm getting it in a tasteful gray and not animal-print. Animal print is so tacky!

Also, why does almost every infomercial have to show how their item can be used "at the game"? Is there some kind of Venn diagram where the same kind of person who goes to a lot of sports games buys a lot of As Seen on TV products? At least this one makes more sense than the people wearing Snuggies at the big game.

The Necky's Official Website []


IBleedGlitter: The High Priestess of Tinsel

Meh, just use a thicker scarf. I still don't understand the Snuggie either. Why not just wear a robe? *grumble grumble* Get off my lawn.