"Introducing The First AAA Cup Bra"

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We received a PR email that starts: "AAA is no longer just for automobiles in trouble. Coming to the rescue of women who want a little extra assistance…the first AAA bra cup sizes available in the United States."

It should be noted that the headline of this email was: "Curves Ahead for Everyone." The puns continue with the phrase "treasure your chest." Knowing how uncomfortable under-wire bras can be, I don't really know why anyone who doesn't need them would want to wear them. Isn't that a little bit like using a wheelchair when you can walk? It just seems like another ploy to get money out of women by trying to make them feel like they aren't feminine enough unless they buy this totally unnecessary item. The bras, from Lula Lu, come in padded and non-padded styles with price points ranging from $46 - $56.

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Tippi Hedren

I'd like to add that this website carries bras specifically for petite people. Trust me... someone needed to do it. It is necessary.

Just because my cup doesn't runneth over, doesn't mean I don't actually need or want a bra. Shame on everyone acting like the IBTC is wasting their money on these "totally unnecessary" items.